Looking to complete a running event?

We understand it can be daunting stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge… but it’s totally worth it when you complete that challenge! We can guide you through your training all the way to your finish line. Lower the risk of injury, increase the chance of achieving your goal and you will enjoy your event more on the day!


Train Smart To Race Easy.

Running events are much more enjoyable when you reach the start line without any injuries, feeling fitter and prepared for the challenge that lies ahead of you. Running smart and working hard through your training program will get you to your event in a strong and positive state.

Your current fitness level, previous injury history and end goal will all affect how you train. All our programs are progressive and contain running tips and injury prevention to get you to your running goal.


Personalised Plan

  • During your initial consultation we will discuss your goals, time frame, previous experience, injuries, worries and how we will tackle these. 
  • You will then receive your unique training plan to get started with!
  • You will be able to contact us throughout your training all the way through to finishing your challenge. 
  • Strength training and nutrition plans are also available alongside your coaching.

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Having a target for how long you would like to finish your race will allow you to train at the right pace throughout your program.
Use our pace and finish time calculators below to figure out your running speeds!


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